Stronga manufacture an range low sided hook lift containers for transportation of dense general and construction waste, scrap, and heavy materials including sand, topsoil, clay, or rubble.
Available from four to eight metres long to suit the hook equipment and the material to be transported offering a wide range of useful options
Used in combination with Stronga HookLoada trailers these containers offer part of a whole business transport solution.

Low Sided Container

Examples of container capacities

Nominal Capacity11 m314 m316,5 m320 m3
Height of the sides800mm1000mm1200mm1600m
Hooklift Plant Carrier11m3 Lowsided Container14m3 Lowsided Container16,5m3 Lowsided Container20m3 Lowsided Container
Items to consider in waste container selection for heavy materials  
Stronga manufacture open hooklift containers for all the European Standards CHEM, AFNOR and DIN, while waste handling and transportation across Europe is growing, companies in the business need the most efficient and economic transport system, this is where Stronga can help.
When involved at an early stage in the procurement Stronga can assist in container design and selection of the right materials and options for the operation .
The steel grades used in the waste container and required wall thickness depend on the materials being handled, the weight needs to be minimised to maximise payloads but this needs to be balanced against strength, this where the experience of the Stronga technical team can make a difference resulting in lower weight and more efficiency.
The container needs stiffening in the appropriate places to provide adequate durability.

High Strength Solutions for every load every day  
Stronga can offer solutions using Hardox 400 wear-resistant steel, which is extremely hard and resistant, see more information at www.hardox.com
Containers using high strength steels can be entirely redesigned with thinner walls and substructures. Using thinner, stronger materials containers can be made up to 700kg lighter while the strength is improved over normal mild steels, this gives the operator the advantage of 700kg extra payload, every load every day.
The cost savings add up, fuel saving by hauling a lighter container when empty, higher payloads, longer life and improved durability in the container more than offsets the extra investment in a quality made high strength solution.

Good reasons to choose a Stronga Waste Container  
  • We have the Solution: We offer a unique range of products and options for a truly one stop solution, containers for every application
  • Leaders in the field: Stronga lead the way in setting standards of quality and innovative solutions in co-operation with customers, we value and rely on customer feedback and continually improve designs
  • Making a match: Stronga understand that each application has special needs and offer to customise models to the users requirements making a perfect match
  • Options to go: Stronga supply a wide range of useful options see our option page for examples
  • Good Value: Stronga will not be the cheapest in the market but our containers offer superior dependability and durability. The price reflects the longevity and consequently high residual value
  • Reputation: We are happy for you to speak directly to customers where we have supplied containers and let the products speak for themselves