An extremely durable container for transporting heavy materials in the quarrying, recycling and demolition industries, this hooklift container offers maximum strength and durability in a monocoque construction.

The shape of the body developed by Stronga provides excellent self cleaning properties thus preventing blockages and material build up that would reduce efficiency.

Half Pipe Container
Hardox in My Body  
Manufactured from abrasive resistant Hardox 400 (see ) which means an investment in high quality materials.
The light tare weight maximises payloads with the advantage a long working life that high strength steel brings:
  • Lower weight
  • Higher payload
  • More durable = Longer life
  • Higher residual values
  • Better resistance to abrasive materials

The special body shape allows heavy materials to slide down the sides reducing the risk of damage to the container.
The optional hydraulic rear up and over door reduces working cycle times and opens wide to allow bulky loads or large rocks a quick, clear exit.
A Powerful Performer  
With Tractor sizes increasing the combination of high horsepower fast tractors, hook lift trailers, and task matched containers like the Stronga half pipe hook lift container is a powerful one.
For heavy applications in the quarry and aggregate industries and add to this the flexibility of the hook lift system and you have real advantages
  • Capable High output transportation
  • Purpose made container to withstand harsh environments
  • Low service requirement
  • Flexible transport solution

The body shape is not fully halfpipe and the flat bottom allows the container to be more general purpose.

Half Pipe Container

Imagine the possibilities  
This tough container complements the Stronga Hooklift trailer range making an efficient transport combination and is shown here in a 7.5 metre long version on the on a 25 tonne Hookloada trailer with positive steering on the front and rear axles.
At far lower cost per tonne moved than a dedicated dump truck with the flexibility to use the equipment as a high performance dumper for just part of the time and swap containers to transport other materials.

Half Pipe Container

Works Faster. Works Harder. Works longer  
Stronga have a history of innovation using the most advanced technology to deliver transport and handling solutions to our customers maximising their earning potential even in the toughest terrains.
Talk to the specialists about your requirements, we are pleased to offer advice on this or any or our products