Stronga design and manufacture an extensive range of flatbed and plant carriers for the hooklift system.One of the most versatile pieces of equipment when properly specified with a vast range of uses.

Hooklift FlatBed Container

Stronga offer the customer the choice of two rated load capacities allowing the customer to choose the capacities most suited to the operational needs, Lengths can be matched to the material to be handled to optimise the capacity .
Capacities shown are gross weight including the container.
Special Purpose models are also available, please contact with your requirements.

DescriptionModelRated CapacityLength
General purpose HookliftSGPF 1515 tonnes6 - 7.5 metres
Hooklift Plant CarrierSPC 2020 tonnes6 - 7.2 metres
Uses and Benefits of the Stronga General Purpose Hook lift Flatbed Range  
  • This is a popular general purpose flat carrier available in lengths from 6 -7.5 metres long to suit the material to be handled.
  • Being 2.5 metres wide it can handle plant and equipment, the bed allows two standard pallets to be fitted across the width, big bags and any materials that can all be loaded onto the flat body and secured.
  • One of the great advantages on the Stronga hook system is that materials can be quickly and safely loaded at ground level onto a flatbed carrier, lashed down to the ample lashing points and rope hooks.
  • These hooklift flatbeds are a particular advantage when loading by hand at events, showground’s or any application where ground level manual or mechanical loading or unloading improves safety or efficiency.

Equipment on the SGPF 15 & SPC 20 General Purpose Flatbed & Plant Carrier range  
  • Reinforced hook bar housing
  • Reinforced Chassis at high stress points
  • Large Diameter Greaseable rollers
  • Headboard Lashing points
  • Rope hooks on both sides
  • Side Lashing points
Optional equipment of this Flatbed Carrier  
Stronga have the ability to tailor the equipment to the customers needs, please see here for options.
  • Iso Locks for shipping container mounting
  • Rear Bale Ladder
  • Timber Floor
  • Chequer Plate floor
  • Flush mounted floor Lashing Points
  • Removable poles for scaffolding or timber transportation
  • High Front

Hooklift FlatBed Container

Heavy Duty Stronga SPC 20 Hooklift Plant Carrier  
This flatbed is designed for moving heavy plant and features reinforced chassis and additional under floor supports shown below equipped with optional removable posts for forestry work.

Hooklift FlatBed Container

Examples of Possible Uses for the Stronga Hook Lift Flat Range when equipped with appropriate options
  • Moving plant and equipment
  • All Palletised materials
  • Big Bags of any material
  • Boards and all types of timber
  • Scaffolding poles and boards
  • Shipping containers and secure storage
  • Tanks and water bowsers
  • Potato Boxes