Together we are Stronga
Stronga lead the way in setting standards of quality and specification for bulk hook lift containers.
The conventional design of container is built using channel ribs which cradle the floor and ides of the container. The specification of plate thickness may very according to the application and duty of the container.
Swaged sides add to the strength of the side panels.

Bulk Cargo Container

Open Bulk Hooklift Containers are used for many purposes from transporting scrap metal to paper so contact Stronga to assist you in getting the right specification for your business needs.

Bulk Cargo Container
Strength and Safety  
The number of side ribs and metal thickness can be adjusted to suit the type of material to be handled
In partnership with SSAB Swedish steel, containers can be manufactured from hardox 400 reducing weight while strength and durability are increased

Stronga Standard Bulk Container Specification
  • Plate seams are fully welded
  • Hook deflector plate 10mm thick
  • Primary and secondary locking to doors
  • Greaseable roller pinned for easy exchange
  • Asset number welded for security and traceability
  • Welded Ladder for access

Within our capacity we offer specialist sealed containers that can be produced to customer specifications, designed on our 3D cad system which is then integrated with the latest technology of CNC operations and robotic welders.
A comprehensive range of options are available to suit any application see option page
Smooth sided Containers are also available in various door options

Smoothsided Container