Stronga Biomass Moving Floor Containers Integrated Storage and Transport Solution
Biomass boiler systems are gaining popularity on a commercial scale but the economic and reliable supply and storage of quality fuel has always been a major consideration.

Stronga manufacture a containerised fuel delivery solution in the form of a bulk container with a hydraulically moving floor which feeds woodchips to the rear of the container.
Supplied as single units or in banks of two or more the solution can be expanded suit the size of the biomass boiler and build redundancy in the storage.

Highly Versatile and Seamlessly Integrated
  • Combined transport and site storage solution
  • Fits with fuel suppliers existing hook lift equipment
  • Scaleable site storage 30 ,60, 90 or 120m3
  • Outside storage reducing storage costs
  • Simple and reliable solution

Biomass Moving Floor Containers
Why are Biomass Fuels Gaining Popularity?  
  • Biomass fuels are carbon neutral, therefore exempt from the Climate Change Levy, unlike fossil fuels.
  • Long term future of biomass is guaranteed, unlike fossil fuels.
  • A saving of around 15% year on year.
  • The installation of biomass boilers can be eligible for a grant, unlike fossil fuel boilers.
  • Far less residue or ‘clinker' to remove, unlike solid fossil fuels.

  • Biomass Moving Floor Containers

Move into Tomorrows World  
Working with partners in the biomass industry Stronga are key suppliers of containers and woodchip handling equipment on commercial projects.
Forests can be managed to produce fuel as an additional product. Sawmill by products including off cuts, sawdust and shavings, can all be used for energy. Crops such as Short Rotation Coppice can be purpose-grown for energy, and recycled wood is a massive potential source of energy.
Due to the volumes of wood chip fuel hydraulically operated moving floor systems for the fuel in feed to the boiler are gaining popularity, this also allows for larger volumes to be delivered and give a lower operating cost.
A containerised system using hook lift equipment provides the most efficient site delivery system on commercial projects.
Stronga have developed a 30m3 self cleaning moving floor hook lift container with integrated roll sheet that has proved a reliable supply workhorse.

Biomass Moving Floor Containers

Put Performance to work for you  
Stronga designed the roll sheet to both maximise the capacity and ensure fuel moisture levels are maintained and elements kept out this helps to maximise the energy produced from the fuel and reduces issues from fuel moisture inconsistency.
The roll sheet system combines a quality high gloss PVC sheet to withstand the rigours of everyday service and a tried and trusted mechanism that seals the payload from the elements that is functional, simple and easy to operate on the hook trailer or truck.
The result is quick cycle times for loading and load of wood secure from the elements

Biomass Moving Floor Containers

Stand and Deliver  
Stand heights are manufactured to the bespoke project requirements needing to comply with the requirements of both the hooklift equipment unloading height and the feed system into the boiler.